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Ludwig holding chocolate

My Story

My name is Ludwig Ratzinger, and I was born in Germany/Bavaria where my family owned and operated a bakery/pastry business. From a young age, I’ve always had an interest in baking, and so apprenticed in the pastry business at Garmisch – Partenkirchen Business School, and the bakery business in Landsberg. I decided to move to Canada in 1990, where I then went on to work at the Chateau Laurier, and for the Governor General in 2000. During this time, I also taught cooking and baking throughout the region, and decided to pursue my long-time passion here in Canada by making artisan high quality chocolate with my confectionary skills.

Skip forward to 2020, where I own and operate Fine Chocolate by Ludwig. I use my previous skills and knowledge in order to bring authentic high quality chocolate to the Ontario area through e-commerce, custom orders, and local retailers. Discover a mastery you can taste with Fine Chocolate by Ludwig.